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About Ramnagar


Ramnagar is a land of freedom-fighters. The people of Ramnagar played a not-worthy role in the country-‘s freedom struggle. They took a very active part in the Salt Movement of Pichhabani and suffered untold hardship and sufferings at the hands of British rulers. However, the area was educationally backward and having no facility of higher education at the time of very inception of the college. This long-felt need was partly met with the setting up of Ramnagar College in 1972 by some eminent personalities and education-lovers of the locality. It is happy to note that this institution since the day of its inception has been serving the cause of higher education quiet successfully during last 42 years.


About Ramnagar College


Ramnagar College

Initially Ramnagar College was housed in the school-building of Depal Baneswar Charubala Vidyamandir. In those critical days, the founder Principal, Sri Sripati Charan Pradhan along with some benevolent charitable persons and land-donors including some teachers, non-teaching personalities and Local youths who came forward and took initiatives with missionary sprit and dedicating outlook to establish this college. Among the principal organizers of this college, mention may be made of Sri Nanda Kishore Ghosh, Bar-at-Law (the then President of the college), Prof Rampada Panigrahi, Sri Surendranath Sahu, Ex-Headmaster, Depal Baneswar Charubala Vidyamandir, Sri Hemanta Kumar Dutta, M.L.A., Sri Anil Kumar Pradhan, Late Dr Lakhsmi Charan Pal, Late Balaram Das, Prof Manomohan Maity, Late Rameswar Panigrahi, Sri Himangshu Shekher Samanta, Sri Lakhsmikanta Das, Sri Jagannath Phraraj, Ex-Headmaster, Paniparul Mukteswar High School, Late Dr Mriganka Shekher Maity, Late Abinash Chandra Das, Late Bankim Chandra Maity, Sri D. C. Sarkar, B. D. O., Ramnagar-II, Late P. B. Maity, B. D. O Ramnagar-I, Sri Aditya Chandra Kol, S. D. O., Contai, the Administrator of Digha, Sri Dipak Kr Ghosh, the D. M., Midnapore and many others.
The college owes its glorious birth to the sincere and active leadership of Leadership of Sri Sripati Charan Pradhan who collected donation in cash and procured a land of 17 bighas from the gracious and kind-hearted local donors of whom Sripati Charan Pradhan himself and Late Prafulla kumar Patra need a special-mention. On this land, on the auspicious day of Rathajatra i.e., 02.07.1973, the foundation stone of this college laid down by Dr S. N. Sen, the former Honourable Vice Chancellor, Calcutta University.


From the Desk of Principal


Principal's Desk

Let me take this opportunity to accord you warm welcome to Ramnagar College. The college owes its glorious birth to the sincere and active leadership of Late Sripati Charan Pradhan, the founder Principal who collected donation in cash and procured a land of 17 bighas from gracious and liberal local donors of whom Sripati Charan Pradhan himself and Late Prafulla Patra need a special mentioning. On this land, on the auspicious day of Rathajatra (02.07.1973), the foundation stone of this college was laid by Dr. S. N. Sen, the former V. C. of Calcutta University.
Historically, however, Ramnagar College was founded on the 9th September, 1972 and within a short span of time it has made large impact by imparting higher education to a large number of aspiring youths of both Ramnagar I & II Blocks. At the same time by virtue of offering some job-oriented courses it has been successfully drawing attention of the students from far apart namely from the districts like Bankura, Purulia, South 24 Parganas and Paschim Medinipur. The College now offers undergraduate (Hons) degree programmes numbering 16, one Major programme, three General Degree proramme in the year 2014. The introduction of two Bachelor Degree Vocational Courses through the patronization of UGC has added feather to the crown of the college. It is hoped that the college will maintain its pace of onward journey in the years to come through synchronizing efforts of the teachers, non-teaching members, students, governing body members and obviously the common people of the locality to whom all the efforts of the college are dedicated.
Situated very close proximity to Digha, the famous flat and hard beach on the lap of Bay of Bengal in the extreme south of our State, the college has a beautiful, sprawling and eco-friendly plastic-free campus which houses, administrative departments, undergraduate departments for teaching learning and research, modern computerized library, Canteen, Distance Study Centre, playground and hostel buildings for both boys and girls. Much of these extension and development activities have taken place particularly during last two decades in response to the much needed demands of higher education in the locality.


  • To ensure that every level of the education system, all students make best use of the education services in line with their interest, aspirations and abilities; with the principles of social justice and equality and opportunity.
  • To provide academic and professional guidance to all concerned in educational planning, management and administration.
  • To undertake, aid, promote and coordinate researches in various aspects of science, technology and culture along with the sports.
  • To provide a sound environmental education and to continually refresh the knowledge and skills which needs to be applied to the environmental challenges we face now a days.
  • To provide trained and skilled manpower to our society in order to cope up with the ever changing world especially in the field of science, technology and culture as well as sports etc.
  • To stimulate and inspire the students so that they may develop an all-round personality and consider learning as a growth process, see industry in a wider perspective and accept opportunities of jobs in the field as a challenging experience awaiting to them.