The College At A Glance

Year of Establishment 09-09-1972
Year of UGC Recognition 08-11-1976
UGC Recognition Number F8-21/77(CP) Dated-14-02-1977
Affiliation Vidyasagar University, Medinipur, Paschim Medinipur, Formerly Calcutta University.
Campus Area 7,927 Sq. Mts.
S J Building 1,050 Sq. Mts.
M P Building 900 Sq. Mts.
Science Building 1,970 Sq. Mts.
Library Building 550 Sq. Mts.
Office Building 630 Sq. Mts.
No. of Teacher (including Approved Part-time & Guests) 95
No. of Non-Teaching Staff including Casual Staff 30
No. of Library Staff including Casual Staff 05
Hostel Staff including Casual Staff 05
No. of Ponds 02
No. of Departments 22
No. Books in Library More than 19,000
Playground Two only.
No. of Generator 01 (50 Kv.)
N.S.S. Units 4 Units having volunteer strength 200
N.C.C. Units Cay No. 2/46 under 46 Bengal BN NCC, Contai
Hostel Boys' Hostel with a capacity of 30 Students